was one of the first Flash Animation Destination Sites… Ever.

Todd Gallina was one of a hand-full of Flash Animators producing regular content for the web.  At the time Flash was the only way to provide web content that actually moved making it the only real tool for the type storytelling you’d see on TV.  There was no video.  In 2000 Todd was quoted in the Orange County Register as saying “TV is the writers Medium, Movies are the Directors Medium, The Stage is the actors medium and the Web is the Animators Medium” – The animation produced by Todd was featured in Wired and Forbes Magazine, then eventually featured in broadcast commercials and TV.  At it’s peak was serving 300,000 unique visitors a month.  His was the only known site to offer Tutorials on how ANYONE could create flash animation.  Those Tutorials were used as school curriculum in classrooms across the globe.  The tutorials and some of his animation is shown below…

The Contenders

30 Seconds

Pretty much my first flash video.  Done in 1999.

Flash Animation Tutorial #2

2 Min 26 Seconds

This is the second Flash Animation tutorial.  It was created using Macromedia Flash MX.  In some ways this tutorial would still work for Adobe Animate users to create 2D animation.  At some point I’ll post Tutorial #1. It was made when I was using hand drawn art with varying line-weights.  Tutorial 2 takes more advantage of the native pencil tool – which creates exact, constant line weights.  A common reason animate (or more commonly  toonboom) are used for broadcast animation today.

The Misfitz Teaser

25 Seconds

The Misfitz was a series I created.  Butch Patrick from the Munsters was one of the voices.  It was the first time I hired a writer, actors, musicians and additional animators.  I learned a ton.