What happens when a 2D animation producer embraces the new possibilities of 3D Animation? For better or worse you get the above. PLEASE MEET FORCE5! My passion project of the last 5 years. I’ve been lucky enough to team up with a bunch of talented folks from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Sony and DreamWorks to develop the series. Stay tuned for more info.

Bill Belichick: The Cleveland Year

Before I “Lost” this site, it was the home of all the Animation I produced (mostly from 1999-2009). All of that Animation was created in Flash.  Since then so much has changed.  Flash (and the Flash plug-in) became a bad word.  Youtube and Vimeo proved that video could easily be streamed.  Adobe Flash was then renamed Animate.  I have since exported most of my cartoons to video.  I plan on having some of them back on this site.  Here is one I did for ESPN, and amazingly it still kind of holds up. Thanks for watching!